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Call Brian Today at (856) 376-3250

Call Brian Today at (856) 376-3250

Got pest problems in Swedesboro NJ? Call Brian Today at (856) 376-3250 Termite or Ant inspections. Bugs eating away at your home, family, your pets or you just need a preventative maintenance plan to protect your biggest asset (your home), then call us today. Preferred Pest and Termite Control (856) 376-3250.

Over 20 years experience dealing with home pest issues.

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Written by: Paul Hoffman
Date Published: 02/14/2014
Thankful that I called Brian when I did. I have had a contract with one of the big guys for 17 years. Brian came over and found carpenter ants and active termites that weren't found by my company. I immediately had Brian treat both problems. His prices are excellent and he really loves his job. I now have Brian deal with all pest problems.
5 / 5 stars

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